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Get all the latest updates regarding Android Applications & Games that you can find nowhere else. So there are some tips and tricks regarding Android phones that you can use to optimize your android device performance and Apkthunder. So this Article is about the best Android apps & games for your android device for the month of September 2017, So Let’s get started without wasting any more time!
best android apps


So There are a lot of applications and games that have been released in the month August & September but we have selected the few of the best android apps and games just for you. So let’s start the countdown and begin with our first application!

1)Socratic – Homework answers

Socratic - Homework answers
GRAB IT FROM PLAY STOREhttps://goo.gl/E3wwEX
Take a PHOTO of your homework question or math equation and get explanations, videos, and step-by-step help INSTANTLY.
Supports Math, Science, History, English, Economics, and more. Completely free, NO in-app purchases. Homework is done in a snap!
• Fast – Take a photo, get instant results, no waiting
• Powerful – Better than Google for homework and studying
• All subjects – Help for all your classes, including IB and AP
• Customized – Teaches you exactly what you need, like a tutor would
• Free! – Free to use and always will be

2)Decision Crafting

Decision Crafting
GRAB IT FROM PLAY STOREhttps://goo.gl/Y26tVB
Decision Crafting is a tool for multi-criteria decision analysis.
Did you ever had to decide between a number of things and felt overwhelmed with keeping track of the up- and downsides?
Decision Crafting makes it easy to collect this information and shows you the best choice instantly.
Start by naming your options and finding criteria that characterize them. Set the emphasis based on how important a criterion is to you.
3)Material Cards icon pack
Material Cards icon pack
GRAB IT FROM PLAY STOREhttps://goo.gl/gt4FHE
Material Cards
Handmade icons based Material Design Guides for a consistent and unique look. High-quality icons (XXHDPI) for a fresh look on any device.
▪+1120 icons
▪High-Resolution Icons.
▪Creative Wallpapers
4)TV Time: TV Show Tracker
TV Time TV Show Tracker
TV Time (TVShow Time) is the perfect app for TV addicts. With TV Time, you can:
– Create a custom TV show calendar with just the shows you watch
– Keep track of the shows you’re watching and where you left off
– Receive alerts when recent episodes have aired
– Connect with more than 1,000,000 other TV addicts…and growing!
** You can NOT watch shows with this app **
GRAB IT FROM PLAY STORE: https://goo.gl/AeZwPh
Posteroid is a simple app which turns your photos and text into a nice graphic poster. Once you made a poster, you can easily share it to the social networks.
– Design posters with simple color or background image
– Multiple line texts with precise alignment
– Fine tune your poster with predefined filters, fonts and other graphical elements.
– If you want to change your text or add more, go back and change
– Once your poster is ready, you can save and share it directly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
6)Edo – Know what you eat

 Edo - Know what you eat
GRAB IT FROM PLAY STOREhttps://goo.gl/AyAZw7
Eat healthily is very important but it is often difficult to put into practice. Edo helps you to understand what’s on food labels so you can know exactly what’s inside your food and choose consciously. You have just to scan the barcode printed on each food product and Edo will show you how healthy it is for you with a 0-10 rating.
Besides, Edo also indicates:
– if it’s Gluten Free
– if it’s Lactose-Free
– healthier alternatives for you
– pros and cons about ingredients and nutrition facts
7)Reverse Dictionary
Reverse Dictionary
GRAB IT FROM PLAY STOREhttps://goo.gl/kPY74F
Reverse Dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Your description can be a few words, a sentence, or even just a single word. Keep it short to get the best results. In most cases you’ll get back a list of related terms with the best matches shown first.
8)Whistle to Find
Whistle to Find
GRAB IT FROM PLAY STOREhttps://goo.gl/4e9wv4
Do you lose your phone regularly at home/office?
Do you waste a lot of time in finding it?If yes, Whistle to Find is an app just for you.Features:
– Just whistle to configure and get started
– Sound/Vibrate/Flash alert modes
– Customizable ringtone & volume
– Customizable time for which the alert plays
– Auto start app when phone is put on silent
– Pause whistle detection when not needed eg: in office hours
– Auto adjusts sensitivity based on Android device
– Customizable sensitivity
– Widget for easy enabling/disabling
– Low battery usage
9)Pixomatic photo editor
Pixomatic photo editor
GRAB IT FROM PLAY STOREhttps://goo.gl/4tjt9V
The pixomatic photo editor is featured by Apple in “Great Photography Apps”, “New Apps We Love” & “Share the Fever” on the App Store, that makes smart cutouts from an image with fingertips directly from your mobile device and now is available on Google Play!
Have you ever wanted to accurately and conveniently remove and change image backgrounds from your photos?
Now you can quickly, precisely, and easily edit your photos with Pixomatic.
Turn your pictures into masterpieces in just minutes, and become an expert photo editor without costly and complicated software.
Take your image editing capabilities to the next level.
With Pixomatic, you can:
10)Origami Zoopers
Origami Zoopers
GRAB IT FROM PLAY STOREhttps://goo.gl/R3zX4m
big big big thanks to Sasi Kanth for his help with the dashboard.
also big thanks to “soneyboy” from Deviantart for his unique design.NOTES:
After getting installed if you get fonts error, just open Origami Zoopers app and press install icon sets option it will automatically fix the errors you facing with fonts and weather.
Please don’t give bad reviews without informing me your problem.
please don’t hesitate to email me if any problem occurs..feel free.You must have Zooper Widgets Pro installed to use this skin.
If you have problems with widgets not appearing please email me
this pack contains 60+ widgets.
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